September 1, 2019

When Friends went to Vegas, what games did they play? 

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If you haven’t heard of the
classic American TV sitcom Friends, then you either slept from 1994-2004 or
have been sleeping ever since. The sitcom has become immortalised through
modern culture and still to this day, the fan base continues to grow with each
generation. Seriously,
could there be
 any more love for this show? Cast your minds
back to Season 5, Episodes 23 and 24 where you’ll find our favourite characters
in Las Vegas at the casino.

Each of these iconic characters
has fun in Vegas – although for some (Ross and Rachel) it was probably a night
to forget. As is always true in Vegas, there was a lot of fun to be had. Although
there is a lot of popularity surrounding casino online playing, nothing beats an
experience in Vegas, as these characters will tell you. Let’s remind ourselves
of the games that were played in this memorable two-part episode.

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Phoebe Buffay and Slots

On the one hand, Phoebe is a
loving and caring person who wants nothing but to make others happy; on the
other, she’s feisty, intimidating and at times a little scary. When we see her
at the slot machines in Vegas, she is shown, in perhaps not the best of lights.

Whilst playing Slots, Phoebe is
informed of what a ‘lurker’ is, after a brief conversation with Ross. A lurker,
according to Ross’ explanation, is where someone waits for you to give up on a
slot machine so they can jump in and claim the jackpot. The idea is that the
more you play, the closer you are to winning. If you give up too soon, the
chances of winning a jackpot increase for the next player.

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Phoebe learns of her
old-lady-lurker and attempts to stop her from winning by trying to beat her at
her own game. As soon as the elderly lady puts her quarter in the next slot
machine, Phoebe jumps in to play it and she wins the jackpot! After making a
scene and the elderly lady complaining to security, Phoebe is thrown out of the

Joey Tribbiani at Blackjack

Casino games probably aren’t
the best for Joey as he is not exactly the brightest. Our food-loving character
sits down at the Blackjack table for some rest before being told by the
croupier that he cannot sit if he isn’t playing. Joey throws down a bill and is
dealt some cards before a sudden realisation.

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The croupier is his hand twin!
In Joey’s eyes, this is a million-dollar revelation. Joey believes they are
about to become rich and famous from this unique circumstance – the croupier
doesn’t think so. Not only is he not bothered by the whole situation, but he is
also extremely unamused by Joey’s excited-self. Joey leaves and returns later
with Phoebe who disguises herself as Regina Phalange, ready to convince the
croupier that this is an incredible find. It ends with both of them being
escorted out by security.

Monica and Chandler at the Craps table

Arguably, the best love story
from the series is Monica and Chandler, and Vegas is where they take the next
step towards tying the knot. After some anniversary mishaps, the two end-up
making-up over the success of Monica’s throws on the Craps table.

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A hard eight is what’s needed
each throw, as plenty of people surround the table with anticipation. Chandler
announces ludicrous bets one after the other, with the last bet being “If you
roll another eight, we get married, here, tonight”. The crowd cheers but Monica
shouts over the top of them stating that “this just got interesting”. The dice
are rolled, one reveals a four, the other going wild off the table. Landing on
the edge of a four and a five, Chandler reassures Monica, that it is, in fact,
a four.

We then end the episode, seeing
Monica and Chandler with their something old, something new, something borrowed
and something blue ready to wed in a chapel – only to watch very intoxicated
ex-lovers Ross and Rachel walk out the chapel as newlyweds. That’s certainly
one way to change your mind about a wedding in Vegas!

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