November 17, 2019

Top Simple Website Builder Expected In 2020 

Are you looking forward to
creating an online presence and reap the many benefits associated with digital
marketing? Well, It is time you think of owning a website. You need not worry
about many technicalities related to building and designing a website.

Several website builders
are out here to help you set up your website in a matter of seconds. They
include; Wix, Site builder, 8b Website
Builder, Weebly, Bold grid, and Site 123 e.t.c.
Unlike before, you don’t need vast knowledge in setting up and designing your
website. You will be provided with different designs to customize your website
as per your preference.

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Hurry up and take advantage
of this opportunity to grow your business. 
2020 is almost here, and one thing we are proud of is the growing trend
in the website designs. Some of these trends include; black and white palettes,
serif font on the screen, video content and Chabot’s, and so on.  In the year 2020, we expect to see new

What is 8b?

If you’re looking forward
to owning a website, then look no further. 8b is an online website builder
that can help you set up a website from scratch. In a twinkle of an eye, you
will have created a stylish website at no cost.

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You’ve no absolute excuse
for failing to launch your online presence through the creation of a
website.  This is because, on this
platform, coding and designing skills are not necessary in coming up with a
website. 8b program works online, and you can access it from any device at your
convenient time. 

8b 550x309 - Top Simple Website Builder Expected In 2020

You have at least 18
templates to choose from, depending on your preference. Also, 8b supports the
AMP Google platform, and it is possible to access the whole process from your

Cutting edge templates

One thing that makes 8b
simple website builder stand out from the rest is that you are provided with a
variety of excellent and user-friendly templates.  These templates are easy to apply and ensure
you’re able to customize your website as per your goals and objectives.
Additionally, the templates are free of charge. This sounds good and makes this
site the best platform to launch your website.

buy tickets 550x309 - Top Simple Website Builder Expected In 2020

Creating a website

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So are you wondering how to
set up a website using the 8b simple website builder? Well, relax because, as
we said earlier, the process is quick and straightforward. However, to achieve
good results, you need to be keen in following all the steps required. Are you
ready? Here are the key steps you need to follow when setting up your website.

The first step is to access
the 8b simple website builder and click on “CREATE A NEW WEBSITE” tab on the top right corner of your screen.
After which you will be taken to “Register”
window immediately with an option of sign up. Create an account using either Facebook or Google account. All the other steps will be all about customizing
your website according to your needs.

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Step 1: Create a template

You need to choose a
template for your website that attracts to your target audience. You need to be
keen when selecting one.

To choose a template on the
8b online site builder, click “Select
and choose a theme from the many templates provided. The good thing
about this site builder is that you can find a template of any case.

create template 550x309 - Top Simple Website Builder Expected In 2020

After choosing the theme
that you like, select the name that defines your work and click on the “Create site”.

Step 2: Designing your website

After creating the website,
the next step will involve ensuring that you make the website presentable and
more appealing to the audience.

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 This will involve adding more content without
necessarily changing the visual layout. You can add more sections to your
website using the “Drag and drop option”.
To perform this function, you need to scroll down and click on the plus (+)

memories 550x309 - Top Simple Website Builder Expected In 2020

This will give you a list
of sections you can apply. These sections include; Headers, Features, Contacts,
Menus, Footers, Pricing Tables, Testimonials, Team section, Articles, Images,
Videos, etc. You can click on the “Customize section” to bring changes to any
block you choose.

By applying this setting,
you can make changes on the Titles, subtitles, text, buttons, colors, overlay,
opacity, paddings, and background, and so on. You can see more settings by
clicking “Show all settings” at the
bottom of the “Customize” button.

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Step 3: Publish website

When you’re through with
your website, it’s time to publish it, and with 8b online site builder, this is
a simple and straightforward process. You need to click on the hamburger and
then “Publish”. That’s all, your
website has been published, and you will receive a congratulatory message.  You can edit your site by clicking on the “Back to edit” tab and make appropriate

8b Simple Website Builder | Event Template!


1.      It is easy to use

2.      The interface is highly
responsive and user-friendly.

3.      No ads.

4.      It provides free hosting.

5.      It has a variety of


We have seen the many
benefits coupled with the 8b online site builder. It is your responsibility to
take advantage of this platform to grow your brand. Feel free to create and
customize your website in a matter of seconds and at no cost.

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