April 11, 2023

“Rank High and Grab Readers’ Attention with These Expert Tips on Writing Killer Blog Titles” 

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Have you ever come across a blog post with a catchy title that you just had to click on? It’s not just you. An eye-catching title can influence whether a reader will choose to read your blog post or not. In fact, the title of your blog post is the first thing your reader will see, and studies show that up to 80% of people read the headline but not the whole article.

With that in mind, it’s essential to craft killer titles that rank high and grab readers’ attention. In this blog post, we will show you expert tips on how to write attention-grabbing and rank-worthy blog titles.

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1. Keep it Short and Sweet

When it comes to crafting blog post titles, shorter is often better. Keep your title to between 6-8 words, as it’s easier to remember and will stand out in search engines and social media feeds.

According to Yoast, a leading SEO plugin, the ideal length for a title tag is between 50-60 characters, including spaces. Avoid excessively long or wordy titles that can harm readability and dilute the message.

Example: “3 Expert Writing Tips for Killer Blog Titles.”

2. Use Numbers in Your Title

Including numbers in your title is an excellent way to attract readers who are looking for a specific type of information. Numbers stand out in a sea of words, and they also give the reader an idea of how much information they can expect from your post.

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Examples: “10 Easy Steps to Follow for Effective Writing,” or “5 Time Management Strategies for Freelance Writers.”

3. Include Keywords in Your Title

When crafting blog post titles, be sure to include long-tail keywords that your target audience uses to look for information. Doing this can significantly boost your chances of ranking on search engines and attracting organic traffic.

Example: “How to Write Killer Blog Titles That Rank High on Google.”

4. Be Specific and Clear

Vague or unclear blog titles can result in readers losing interest in your content. Ensure that your title accurately reflects the content of your post, and avoid click-bait tactics. Your title should be clear and specific to attract not only attention but also the right kind of readers.

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Example: “5 Common Mistakes That Beginner Bloggers Make.”

5. Use Emotional Triggers

Emotions impact our decision-making process, and titles that use emotional triggers can be highly effective in appealing to readers. Titles that evoke curiosity, surprise, empathy, or excitement can make your post stand out and inspire readers to click.

Example: “Why Most Writers Fail at Writing Amazing Blog Titles?”

6. Add Power Words

Power words are attention-grabbing and persuasive language devices that can influence readers to take action. Including power words like “secret,” “proven,” “definitive,” or “ultimate” in your title can boost its effectiveness and improve its chances of being shared.

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Example: “The Ultimate Guide to Writing Blog Titles That Will Stand Out.”

7. Test and Optimize

Every blog post is different, and what works for one may not work for another. Testing multiple versions of titles can help you determine what resonates best with your audience. Use Google Analytics or other analytical tools to track the performance of your titles and optimize them accordingly.

Example: “The Secret Behind Choosing Killer Blog Titles That Convert Readers.”


Q. How do I come up with blog title ideas?

A. Conduct keyword research, study your competition, use title generators, and brainstorm a list of ideas.

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Q. How long should my blog post title be?

A. Keep it between 6-8 words, and within 50-60 characters, including spaces.

Q. Should I use capital letters in my title?

A. Yes, capitalize the first letter of each significant word in your title, but avoid all caps.

Q. Can I change the title of my blog post after publishing?

A. Yes, you can edit the title of your post without affecting its URL or content.

Q. How many long-tail keywords should I include in my title?

A. One to two long-tail keywords are enough for your title. Including too many keywords can make the title sound spammy.

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Q. What should I avoid when creating blog titles?

A. Avoid click-bait titles, offensive language, overly complicated words, and titles that do not accurately reflect your content.

Q. How important is it to have an attention-grabbing title?

A. An attention-grabbing title can significantly improve your blog’s chances of attracting readers and ranking high on search engines.


Writing killer blog titles that rank high and grab readers’ attention is an essential skill for bloggers and content creators. By following these expert tips, you can craft memorable, specific, and powerful titles that inspire readers to click and read your content.

Remember to keep your title short and sweet, include long-tail keywords, and use emotional triggers and power words to attract attention and inspire action. Finally, test your titles and optimize them as needed to keep your blog posts ranking high on search engines and drawing in engaged readers.

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