March 18, 2022

How to use Snapchat to embarrass your youngsters 

How to use Snapchat to embarrass your youngsters. The over-35s have discovered Snapchat – a lot of to their kids’ utter horror: ‘We tykes want another social media migration anyway’ Like many folks of a particular age, I recently began victimization Snapchat when years of avoidance it in favor of social media apps designed for those that still sort with all their fingers and not simply their thumbs.

And I’m not alone. Of the one hundred fifty million those that use Snapchat daily, the quantity people users over thirty-five have inflated from two in 2013 to 14 July these days, we tend to learn on from ComScore. After years of curious what all the fuss was concerning, the over-35s have finally found a decent reason to use the now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t image service: it annoys the hell out of our teens. Revenge, as they are saying, is sweet.

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Take Chris Martin (not the lead singer of Coldplay), as an example. He set to mock his daughter’s “sexy” Snapchat photos with a number of-of his own, right all the way down to the inevitable duck-faced pout and starburst tattoo. The comedian’s snaps went infective agent, winning him thousands of fans within the method, although it’s unlikely any area unit below the age of thirty-five.

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