February 3, 2019

How to use SEO to Delight your Target Market 

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SEO involves a lot of technical aspects of the website, to make it suitable for search engines and Google ranking algorithm. Website owners, and particularly new business owners who have just started optimizing their platforms, think that SEO is about pleasing search engines. Although there are some benefits to pleasing search engines, the primary concern for every website owner should always be to satisfy their target audience.

It is hence
necessary to look into some of the things you can do on the process of
optimization that can be just to delight the audience you are targeting. Read
through below, some of the ways to use SEO to keep your target market happy
with your brand.

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Produce high-quality content


Figure 1 quality of content

In this
tech-savvy era, you do not want to fall among the category of websites online
that are dreaded for the kind of material they share. People are quickly moving
into a space of mastering who they are in the digital space, and what they
want. As Google works to their best to offer precisely that to the users, you
must be in the front line giving the same to them.

Something about
relevant, timely and informative content leaves an audience elated by a post.
It is from there that they start sharing that piece of information among their
circles. Should the trend for consistent quality content continue, then they
become intentional about looking for your site for content consumption.
Therefore, ensure, by all means, that the content you post is not just to
gratify your digital marketing schedule of when you should share information.
Instead, be aggressive with information that adds value and color into your
target audiences’ lives.

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Nail it on the keyword research

Do you
understand that all your efforts in keyword research are so you can reach out
to the appropriate audience for your content? In most cases, people use keyword
research as a way to scoop ideas they can use for generating content. While
that works, it is never about giving you some ideas on what to write, but
directing you on which route to take to get to your target audience.

Now, if you
intend to please your audience, ensure your keywords are particular and
deliberate, in a way you capture people intents. A lot of the times there is a
difference between what people type into search boxes, and what problem they
need a solution to. Therefore, to keep them excited, figure out what they mean
from their keywords. Take your time to study them, so you are sure of your
brand being the ultimate solution to their queries.

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Be a good communicator

At the least of
things, understand that SEO is embedded in the mastery of good communication with
different entities. That said, you need to look into the kind of interaction
you uphold with your audience. For a good share of it, it is in how you respond
to their comments on your post, how timely you are in keeping up with the
feedback, the frequency in which you write a post, share their content, among

There being
several ways you can improve your communication, work on the platforms you are
to foster it. This goes for your interaction on social media platforms, and on
your website, say, through chatbots.

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Optimize on speed

speed 550x309 - How to use SEO to Delight your Target Market

Figure 2 website speed optimization

Because of the
internet and technology, people are now all excited about getting things done
instantly. Instant social messaging apps have gone a long way to ensuring that
communication is instant and in real time. In light of this, your audience can
only be delighted if you can put speed n the table. Other than all the other
things you may be doing right on your website, your web pages need to take less
than 3 seconds to open. As a fact, this will motivate them to stay on your
platform, and even look into more of what you have to offer, which is an
indicator of huge success in SEO.

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Ideally, you
need to let go some of the baggage on your site that can make it take seconds
longer to load that you need it to be. Some of that includes cutting down on
the sizes of media you upload, embedding videos instead of uploading them
directly, cutting back on unnecessary redirects, plugins, widgets, and
sidebars, among others.

Much can be said about keeping an audience delighted with SEO, but with these four techniques, your audience should become frequent visitors on your platform. Read more on tracking your rank position here https://serpbook.com/blog/rank-tracking/.

Image Credits: target market from PopTika/Shutterstock

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