March 27, 2022

How to unlink Instagram from Facebook 

Instagram and Facebook are some of the most frequently used applications. Both have the same targeting strategies like increasing the audience, demanding for more Instagram followers and likes. Somehow due to these reasons, both the social media accounts are interlinked. The increasing audience can be tricky sometimes. Social media has connected one another through different apps. Like sharing facebook videos on WhatsApp.

It sometimes looks convenient to post something at the same time on different platforms immediately. But one needs to unlink two accounts and the reasons are pretty obvious as well. This is related to the photos and videos we share with our audience. Sometimes we prefer more privacy which is more reliable on Instagram.

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Instagram from facebook

You can unlink Instagram from facebook or unlink facebook from Instagram from the following ways

From your web browser, go to

Tap on setting>apps and select Instagram

Pop up will appear on the bottom of the screen remove App

Select remove, and all your Instagram posts linked with Instagram will be deleted.

How to unlink facebook from Instagram

People now want to disconnect facebook from their Instagram account due to some reason. But first, let’s see how you can unlink the accounts

Sign in to your Instagram account

Go to your profile, on the top right three lines icon will appear tap on it

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Settings option will appear on the bottom

Tap on privacy and security and click on Linked accounts

Blue icon of facebook will be there if facebook is connected to your account

Tap linked account and the unlinked option will appear which will verify that your account has been unlinked

Security reason

When you link both the accounts and share your photos or videos. It might be risky. Risk can be due to hacking reasons. This can happen to anyone using a social account. So for the safe side, if your one account gets hacked, the other account will still be safe. Having two accounts of the same apps, well, that’s not easy to handle. So the convenient way is to have accounts that are linked with different social apps and avoid the haphazardness that is caused due to multiple links in one account.

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Having the same facebook and Instagram followers on the friend’s list on facebook can be boring. Get to know people on different platforms. Adding the same people to different Media is kind of mainstream. Even the audience gets bored after seeing the same post on repeat. You can also get to know about your real friends. Do they follow and like the posts you share daily, or are they just random audiences? Or you can just add your family and close friends on one account while another account is used for random friends.

Reality Even though you can unlink your accounts through settings but in reality, it’s not true. You actually cannot unlink the data saved in both the accounts. Facebook still has your database as it automatically links with Instagram. You can unlink the posts etc. from the audience you have chosen but technically speaking, facebook still knows it all!

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