February 12, 2021

Canadian Immigration Professionals – A CanadianVisa.org Review 

Canada is swiftly becoming the top choice for skilled and semi-skilled people all over the world looking for a fresh start in a progressive first-world country. One of the primary reasons for that is because Canada, unlike many other countries, actually welcomes immigrants with open arms, and their numerous immigration programs and targets are a testament to this. In 2021 alone, despite the pandemic, Canada plans to welcome over 400,000 new permanent residents.   

The Canadian immigration consulting services offered by companies and agencies such as CanadianVisa.org can take a lot of the pressure out of the process, but what exactly are you getting when you enlist their services? Let’s take a closer look at how these Canadian immigration professionals claim to make life easier for their clients in this CanadianVisa.org review.

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Can Anyone Immigrate to Canada?

The short answer is no. The long answer could fill pages, but let’s look at it in as straightforward a manner as possible. If you have a criminal record or are in poor health, unfortunately, your chances are not high. If you are a semi-skilled worker, you have a very good chance to get a Canadian visa if you can secure a job offer in Canada, stay employed, and stay in good standing with the terms of your work permit. If you are a highly skilled worker with qualifications to back you up, your chances of becoming a permanent resident of Canada are great.

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Don’t be fooled though, competition is fierce for permanent residency status in Canada. Particularly in immigration programs with faster processing times like the Express Entry System. If you aren’t maximizing your visa application, you may wait longer than you expect for an ‘Invitation to apply’ (ITA) for permanent residency. Only applicants who can clearly demonstrate the value they will add to the country’s economy will be seriously considered.

Why CanadianVisa.org?

This is where the immigration professionals of CanadianVisa.org can offer assistance. Canada offers over 100 different visa and immigration programs. First off, you could be eligible for any number of the pathways to permanent residency, and it is their job to find out which one (or ones) and present you with your options. Second, they can assist you through the entire application process, giving you the best chance of success.         

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CanadianVisa.org is based in Vancouver, British Columbia, and headed up by four Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCICs) who hold all the required qualifications to practice in the field, share over 20 years of experience between them, and are registered with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).  

The team consists of David AllonJimmy ParkYing Liu, and have recently been joined by the highly experienced Giovanni Mariella

Truth be told, it can be quite difficult to engage the services of a company when their staff works from a different country, especially when the internet is rife with scams and copycats. That is why CanadianVisa.org offers you the opportunity to verify their professionals’ credentials before you even start the process, giving you peace of mind and letting them take care of the rest.

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What Does CanadianVisa.org Do for Their Clients?

CanadianVisa.org is a start-to-finish agency. This means that they assist clients in every step of the application process, from the initial eligibility assessment, which helps determine which programs you may qualify for, all the way to the end, where they send you confirmation of the success of your application. Their new Visa Profile Builder is a dashboard that allows clients to monitor their application status in real-time, upload documents as requested by their RCICs, and talk to representatives any time of the day or night with any questions or concerns.

If you’re a future student who wants to study in Canada, the company has a team of academic advisors who can assist you in selecting a school, apply for your study permit, and eventually, after your graduate, help you become a permanent resident if you so choose.

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They also offer counselling for entrepreneurs who want to start or buy businesses in Canada, help family members reunite with their loved ones, and even assist tourists in getting their travel visas. Most importantly, they help immigrants become permanent residents of Canada.

Is It Worth It?

Enlisting the services of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC) means taking the burden off yourself and your family, and allowing professionals to do what they do best – get you the desired Canadian visa. Regardless of whether you are too busy, or you have more than enough time on your hands, it’s about what will give you the best chance of success in this time-consuming and costly endeavor. The Canadian immigration consulting services discussed in this CanadianVisa.org review have been verified by thousands of people already living their dream life in Canada. The choice is yours.

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