March 22, 2022

Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics for Grease Free Hands in 2022 

If you are a mechanic, you need a hand cleaner specially formulated for mechanics as they get covered in oil and grease. Automotive oil and grease are tough to remove from the hands.

Soap and water alone will not get the work done. However, this is why the capabilities that produce specialized hand cleaners for mechanics, especially for this thing.

Let’s find the best hand cleaner for mechanics in 2022, but before getting into the names of the best products, check out the factors to consider before purchasing Hand Cleaner for Mechanics in 2022.

  • Quantity & Amount of Application: You must compare how much of the product requires to be applied for efficient grease removal related to how much you get. Taking a giant tub is not the most desirable if you need to work a ton of it every time.
  • Portability & Comfort of Use: Something else to consider before buying a mechanic hand wash is compact. Once again, these outcomes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Do you require something to sit in the auto workshop in one place, or do you need a small product that you can match to fit in your pocket and carry on the go?
  • Grease & Oil Cutting Power: The most crucial aspect of any automotive hand cleaners is cutting through oil and grease. Now, there is a medley of ingredients that any formula may contain, which can cut through oil and grease with ease.
  • Pumice or Scrubbers: Texture makes a big difference here, and having some coarse and abrasive material goes an extended way in getting rid of oil and grease—crude substances make oil and grease adhere to them, which is precisely what you need here.
  • A Gentle Formula: It is wise to look for solvent and petroleum-free. The less complex chemicals and compounds the product in question contains, the safer it will be to use, especially for a prolonged period.
  • Moisturization & Protection: The moisturizing ingredients of products can help dry skin. Therefore, getting one that not only eliminates grease but can also moisturize and guard your hands at the same time is a huge bonus.
  • Smell: Although not the most important purchasing factor, still anything that smells good never hurts.
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Best Hand Cleaner for Mechanics in 2022

Consider the following best hand cleaners for mechanics for removing automotive grease, dirt, grime, and more.

Grip Clean Mechanic Hand Cleaner

  • Reasonably gentle
  • Clay and pumice for grease and oil removal
  • Carries a scrub brush
  • Very portable
  • Moderately effective grease and oil removal
  • Odor-free
  • No oily residue
  • A bit on the pricey side
  • Not a very large portion

Grime Boss Heavy Duty Hand Cleaning Wipes

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for grease and paint
  • Rough and soft sides
  • It helps moisturize the skin
  • No need for water or washing
  • Not quite as powerful as some other choices
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Permatex Fast Orange Smooth Lotion Hand Cleaner

  • Easily removes grease and oil
  • It can be used for various purposes
  • It also conditions and moisturizes hands
  • Non-toxic, no harsh chemicals, and eco-friendly
  • Very easy to use
  • It takes a bit of cleaning to get buried into the pores


  • Best for oil and grease
  • Granular walnut shell scrubbers for attached cleaning power
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Very smooth and quick to use
  • No greasy residue
  • Toxic if ingested

GOJO NATURAL ORANGE Pumice Industrial Hand Cleaner

  • Super powerful grease and oil removal
  • Pumice adheres to grease and runts it away
  • Pleasant orange scent
  • Very simple to use
  • Industrial lot for long term use
  • No hard solvents
  • Scent can be overpowering
  • May dry out hands slightly
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Grip Clean Hand Cleaner

  • Removes dirt
  • Absorbs grease
  • Nourishes skin
  • Fingernail brush included
  • The smell is not the best

Tub O Scrub Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

  • Quite adequate for light jobs
  • Large quantity
  • Safe and non-irritating
  • Bio-degradable
  • Decent citrus scent
  • Easy pump applicator
  • Some people do not like the scent
  • Not ideal for super tough jobs

Grip Clean Heavy Duty Cleansing Wipes

  • Easy to use
  • No water required
  • Tough grease fighting formula
  • Smell good
  • No residue left behind
  • Only 30 parts – probably won’t continue very long

Few more Fact Checks

  • For mechanics, many hand cleaners contain orange/citrus because citrus smells pleasant, but because citric acid is excellent at cutting through oil and grease.
  • Fingernails can be very unreasonable in this regard. The only way to take everything out from under fingernails is to apply a heavy-duty cleaner blended with a scrub brush.
  • Water sits on top of oil and grease and will do nothing to remove those substances. That is why most products designed for this purpose are not made with water.
  • Many mechanics resort to applying friction. You may get a rough towel or cloth and quickly wipe your hands. The heat and friction generated should work a long way in eliminating oil and grease.
  • Many options will dry out the skin, as the same substance used to remove oil and grease will also draw moisture from your hands. That is why many such products also include ingredients such as Vitamin E and aloe to help soothe hands and provide some moisturization.
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When all has been started and done, as long as you pay attention to the most critical purchasing factors discussed above, you should have no problems finding the right product for you. Make sure to look for something strong enough to get the job done yet gentle sufficient not to irritate your skin. Then, at the close of the day, as extended as the product in question efficiently and efficiently excludes grease and oil from your skin, you are on the right path.

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