January 16, 2021

Are You New in Buying Luxury Watch? Here’s Everything You Need to Know 

Wearing a luxury watch can pump up our
fashion style and confidence. It is a good investment, too! Buying a luxury
watch is in the bucket list of most of us, and if you want to mark it on your
list soon, then it’s time to do your research about luxury watches now. To give
you a glimpse of the things you should take note of, here are the things you
need to know when buying your first luxury watch.


Different types of watches have different
system of telling time.

Digital watches run through the power of
an ultra-small watch battery while quartz or analog watches provide accurate
time with the tiny and electrified quartz crystal.

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On the other hand, mechanical watches are
considered superior and popular type. They are mechanically operated and do not
rely on replaceable batteries. This type of watch is pricier than the others
and requires regular maintenance too. They are known as handmade masterpieces
of every luxury brand’s in-house watch master craftsman.

With proper care, mechanical watches can
for long decades and can serve as an heirloom to the next generation of your
family line.


The overall quality of a luxury watch
also depends on what they are made of.

Luxury watches made in metals such as
stainless steel, titanium, and gold may develop patina, nicks, and scratches
when regularly used for a long period.

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Stainless steel is ideal for aesthetic
watches and provides better value and versatility.

Titanium offers the same thing but is
more lightweight and hypoallergenic. A luxury watch made in titanium, such as
the Omega
Speedmaster, is ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Gold, on the other hand, is a timeless
metal for your watch that makes it more flashy and bolder.

Ceramic, a nonmetallic material for
luxury watches, offers a modern, fresh-from-the-box look and scratch-resistant
quality to your watches.


When buying a luxury watch, make sure to
check if it fits on your wrist. The size of the watch should be proportioned to
your wrist.

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A large wrist and hand need a bigger,
stronger watch face. Although, remember that watches with too large sizes and
too complex styles can either make you look too formal and too casual.

Those with a small wrist, of course, need
a smaller and slimmer watch but be careful of choosing too small or too slim
timepieces as they can make you look more petite and delicate.


Since you will be investing a sumptuous
amount for a watch, it is advisable to check on the brand history and current
retail value of the brands of luxury watches you are keeping an eye on. Going
for a reputable brand known for superior craftsmanship will make your
investment more worthy.

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Make sure that you buy these brands from an authorized dealer and seller. Nobody wants to spend money on fake and damaged luxury watches. If you are buying a luxury good from an authentic seller, you can be assured that the seller will do the right thing in helping you whenever you need assistance in repairing your luxury watch.


Different watches, different brands,
different functions for different personalities.

If you want your watch to fit with your
daily office look, casual or dress watches are perfect. These watches look
classy and elegant, but with simpler and less complicated features.

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Watches with GMT and world timers display
multiple time zones that are perfect for pilots and overseas travelers.

Chronograph features are usually found in
sports watch. This function can be used as a stopwatch that fits for athletic
people such as racers, divers, and runners.

Consider your profession and personality
before buying a luxury watch. This way, you will feel that you are at one with
your chosen luxury watch, and you will not get tired looking at it even if you
wear it daily.


As a golden rule in budgeting your
finances, do not overspend on things that will cut off too much of your budget.
Some luxury watches may have the same features and functions but with different
prices. Set a certain price range and look for watches that fit that range.

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A decent low-end Swiss watch costs about
$500, while their high-end watches cost more than $5,000. You may also opt for
Japanese brands such as Seiko, Orient, or Citizen. These companies are known
for high-quality yet affordable mechanical watches.

Some luxury watches increase their value
after some years, while others depreciate. If you are thinking of reselling
your watch after some years, then look for units with higher chances of

Buying a luxury watch involves not only your
money your heart and mind, too. It is a personal decision that you need to
think about thoroughly. Considering the above-mentioned factors will help you
finalize your decisions on choosing that beautiful luxury timepiece for

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