January 11, 2022

9+ Amazing Examples of Creative 404 Page Designs 

1. 404 Page Not Found

404 page

Error 404 pages don’t must be formal at all times; that you would be able to add an element of enjoyment to your designs so long as it helps you in conveying the message in a gentle-hearted manner. This 404 page no longer determined is an ideal example of that.

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2. 4 Designs of 404 Pages

4 designs

It’s a 404 error page where the designer has taken the inspiration of designing the 404 error web page to a different degree. Here you will get 4 different design patterns with distinct photos and color schemes. It conveys the error message to the customers without spelling it out to them.

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3. 404 Error Page Vector Template for Website

error page vector

We all hate it when internet sites get lost within the area. Don’t we? So if in case you have got a humorous error 404 messages, you should are be trying to narrate a graphic to it to make the difficulty a touch lighter. The above web page has a witty message which indicates that the customers have reached the borders of the universe and so they shouldn’t panic and return to the previous page.

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4. Desert 404 & Coming Soon Page Design

desert 404

Error 404 pages are all about anything not being observed and this wasteland 404 & Coming soon web page Design has been created on the equal theme. Desolate tract is the sort of position the place people get stranded, and here the fashion designer has used the barren region as the theme to pass on the error 404 message.

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5. Under Construction Site 404 Page

under construction

The pleasant phase about this Under Construction Site 404 page template is, it’s not just like the ordinary error pages with an error message which says “page cannot be located” in an boring and boring manner. Instead, it conveys a message which says that internet site that the consumer is making an attempt to access, is below a building.

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6. 404 Error Raccoon

error racoon

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7. 404 Page Attractive Design


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8. Ohh 404 Mobile Website Template

ohh 404

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9. Grunge 404 Error Page Not Found


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