August 6, 2020

7 Ways NJ Online Casinos are Better than “Real” Casinos 

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New Jersey is quickly becoming the gambling capital of the USA. Last year, Garden State Casinos recorded more money in sports bets than Nevada in several months. Sin City still had the edge at the end of the year.

But according to financial experts, NJ is the future of America’s sports betting. It’s also the future of online casinos, with more legal gaming websites than any other state in the country.

How do these online casinos compare to “real” brick and mortar casinos?

Easy to Access

NJ online casinos are not only available 24/7; they are a few clicks away. All you need is to have your desktop computer, iPad or smartphone with you. And then you can login and play a variety of slot machines or card games for as long as you want.

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In contrast, real casinos come with their fair share of demands. First, you must dress in a specific way. Then you need to drive or take a flight to the casino. Once there, the next step is to fight the right game and hope it’s not occupied.

In other words, online casinos are much more convenient than their land-based counterparts. They let you play any time of the day. And the best part, you don’t need to leave your house, office or vacation.

Bonuses for Everyone

Many land-based casinos give out bonuses to high-rollers only. Because of that, it’s not unusual for regular gamblers to pretend to be VIPs to attract the attention of table managers could give them rewards.

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In the online casino space, you don’t have to spend big to earn bonuses. Quite the contrary, all you need is to show you’re interested in playing casino games. For example, you could create an account at a gaming website or even make a small deposit.

Without a deposit, you can qualify for a small $10 or $20 bonus. With a deposit, you can receive up to $1000. You can check NJ best online casinos and their bonuses at  Ensure you look out for free spins if you like slots and VIP rewards if you’re a high roller.

Broader Game Variety

New Jersey is home to 23 online casinos. Assuming each operator features 200 games, players have access to 6400 slots and table games. That’s more titles than any customer can handle. Most people play a little over a dozen titles per month, anyway.

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The average NJ online casino has 350+ games from leading software providers like Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Betsoft and Evolution Gaming. These developers are known for creating machines with high payout rates, top-notch graphics and engaging storylines.

With the best online casinos, you can play games based on your favorite movies, sports, video games and TV shows. This ensures you’re not stuck to the same old fruity-themed machines many real casinos provide.

Lots of Privacy

If you’re a private person that tends to avoid crowdy areas, you’ll love NJ online casinos. You don’t have to interact with anyone at any point of your gaming session. What’s more, no one has to know you gamble online or why you do it.

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Better yet, you can win money—over $1 million—and keep it as a secret. At least two people have won over $10 million playing slots online and chose not reveal their identities. That’s almost impossible at land-based casinos.

In Atlantic City and Las Vegas, casinos can’t let you win significant amounts of cash keep it as a secret. They let everyone in attendance know there’s a new millionaire. Although it’s not an embarrassing experience, it’s proof that land-based casinos are against privacy.

Variety of Payments

In many casinos, cash is the default way to get into poker tournaments and slot machines. Some establishments now also allow debit cards. But most patrons still carry wades of cash, sometimes millions of dollars.

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In all fairness, brick and mortar casinos are much safer than they were fifty years ago. They have cameras in every corner and security officers in every doorway. Additionally, they let high rollers use debit cards or ACH for payments for better security.

Still, land-based casinos can’t match their online counterparts in providing payment options. The best NJ gaming websites feature all popular banking methods: wire transfer, ACH, debit/credit cards, cryptos, e-wallets, e-checks and gift cards.

Most of these payment options are both fast and safe. Take PayPal as an example. It’s the world’s most famous online banking option. You can send less than a dollar or $10,000 within a couple of minutes to any pay of the world.

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Live Dealers Provide Social-Play

Although online casinos let you play privately, they also support social gaming. That means you can play poker, blackjack or craps with your friends. Or you can challenge a human croupier to a game of blackjack.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to dress formally for live casino gaming. You can keep your onesie on or play in your bedroom. The objective is to have a web camera and stable Internet access so that you can see and interact with fellow players.

Interestingly, live casino games are so popular that they attract some of the best poker and blackjack players in the world. So, don’t act surprised the next time you log into your account and spot Patrik Antonius or Alex Foxen.

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Many High-Tech Features

In the last few years, most brick and mortar casinos have focused on innovations that help managers and owners make more money. For example. Establishments in Las Vegas can now control hundreds slot of machines at the click of a button.

In contrast, most innovations in the online sector have focused on improving player experience. Think of Bitcoin payments, mobile gaming, Virtual Reality and reel modifiers. These features have improved casino games or changed how people gamble online. Due to that, online casino games are generally more exciting to play. They have many features machines in Atlantic City Lack. Add their high payout rates and you’ll understand why everyone wants to gamble online.

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