January 11, 2022

23 Best Creative LetterPress Business Cards 2020 

Here we have the 23 Best Creative Letterpress Business Cards. Letterpress printing has been around for 1000s of years and yet remains one in every of the most up-to-date tendencies in stationery. Letterpress industry playing cards nonetheless have the ability to turn heads.

The old method includes a floor with raised letters or paintings inked and then pressed into thick, delicate paper, adding an exciting, tactile quality to the design.

Recognized for producing a clean and elegant type, the letterpress procedure is favored by many designers for growing certain and artistic trade playing cards. Here we now have picked 26 remarkable examples of letterpress trade playing cards to encourage your designs.

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1. Stefan Leitner

Stefan Leitner

Photographer Stefan Leitner requested Kristina Bartosova to design an easy trade card for him; alternatively, encouraged by his extrovert persona, she determined to do the distinctive opposite and designed a bold logotype that quite stands out when rendered in letterpress.

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2. Garage Culture

Garage Culture

Designed through Rodrigo Cubera for customized bike storage in Buenos Aires, these letterpress cards make a real have an effect thanks to Rodrigo’s use of difficult and heavyweight artisanal cotton paper stock.

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3. Le Balene

Le Balene

We love Eleonora Petrolati’s amazing stylized whale-based brand for Italian communication company, Le Balene, and the way she’s grown to become it into a wonderful industry card design, but what rather marks this mission out is her inclusion of a collection of stamps and colored inks to that folks can add their own little customizations.

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4. Quentin Monge

Quentin Monge

Created utilizing white foil, these 5 color letterpress industry cards on triplex color plan paper absolutely pop. Utilizing a daring and vibrant pattern only plays to the cardboard’s strengths that’ll surely make for a memorable exchange.

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5. The Fox Yards Company

The Fox Yards Company

Produced by using Jukebox Print, these ultra-thick cotton paper letterpress business playing cards deliver a 3D embossed design to the table. Utilizing Jukebox Prints possesses the innovative process, the concentration to detail is exclusive, with the letterpress used so as to add textual content as well as a quirky textured history.

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6. Christina Yan

Christina Yan

Christina Yan is a talented prop stylist established in Toronto,” explains creator Belinda Love Lee. “This entire stationery set exudes sophistication, timelessness with a bit of edge. Each piece was letterpressed with the completing touches of gold foiling, gold edging, and embossing.

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Utilizing an easy but strong sample of illustrative animals, these Creative Letterpress Business Cards. A punch when it comes to originality. Designed for Singaporean online literary journal, OF ZOOS, we love clothier Charmaine Yeo’s execution.

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8. Mild Whistle

Mild Whistle

Combining craft and precision to produce a beautiful aesthetic, these Creative Letterpress Business Cards from Singapore’s headquartered agency Odds are about as lovely as they come.

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9. Bailey H Robinson

Bailey H Robinson

Brooklyn-centered tattoo artist Bailey H Robinson has a very targeted tackle ordinary American tattooing, and when he brought in Two arms Inc to provide a suite of custom letterpress business playing cards, they had been keen to design something that seemed and felt like usual turn-of-the-century variety.

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10. Simon Featherstone

Simon Featherstone

Simon Featherstone is a freelance lighting fashion designer and programmer, with mammoth expertise in video and LED technological know-how. He needed a branding refresh to help portray the characteristics and capabilities of his practice to a much wider audience.

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11. Adicto


Offizin Parnassia is a first-rate artwork studio born out of a love for historical books. The crew there combined reputable design with passionate craftsmanship to create these lovely Adicto letterpress trade playing cards.

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12. Pepelatz


Ukraine-based clothier and illustrator Andrej Barmelaj is the person in the back of this excellent postage stamp-influenced letterpress industry playing cards for unbiased promoting agency Pepelatz.

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13. Dane Holmquist

Dane Holmquist

These distinct, gorgeous letterpress business cards belong to illustrator and image dressmaker Dane Holmquist. The gifted artist created the complicated illustration himself, before enlisting the help of printers DSJ in Santa Monica, who helped carry his imagination and prescient to lifestyles.

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14. Bentply


What you see here is one of the neat Creative Letterpress Business Cards for furniture store Bentply in Marylebone, London that may be made into mini bent plywood chairs.

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15. Derek Welsh

Derek Welsh

Glasgow Press accomplished a monster 810gsm when developing these letterpress industry cards by using bonding 270gsm sheets of Ebony, Citrine, and shiny White to obtain a stand-out card for furnishings maker Derek Welsh.

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16. Kitty’s Beauty Parlour

Kitty's Beauty Parlour

Print & Grain is a full-service picture design and letterpress studio. They present a customary customized design and letterpress printing. Print & Grain motivates a collaborative effort with their consumers during the design system to create a specified and private card, which will be letterpress printed on double thick 236lb cotton card stock, using a vintage Kelsey Excelsior printing press.

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17. Meg Gleason

Meg Gleason: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

Moglea is a boutique letterpress stationery design studio created by way of Meg Gleason. She loves bold pops of color, hand-lettered typography, and intricate floral and geometric patterns.

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18. Denim Geek

Denim Geek: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

This gorgeous letterpress industry card comes from these gifted humans at Blush – a bespoke and custom letterpress printing carrier that offers 
wedding stationery, personalized correspondence, greeting playing cards, and of a path, industry cards.

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19. Leigh Cameron

Leigh Cameron: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

The fellows over at Typoretum have an extremely spectacular array of letterpress industry card designs on the present. Specializing in comprehensive letterpress business card and stationery design, the printing provider can work from paintings supplied or support you to design your own.

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20. Britt Boyd

Britt Boyd: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

Print and Grain are swiftly fitting identified for their Creative Letterpress Business Cards offerings inside the design enterprise. Centered in Portland, Oregon, they also furnish letterpress-inspired greetings playing cards by means of their Etsy keep.

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21. Ninja star

Ninja star: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

Now, here’s a letterpress trade card that’ll capture an advantage patron’s eye for all of the proper reasons. Showcased on Beast portions, this design will certainly get your ‘factor’ throughout (sorry!) despite the fact that it might no longer be the excellent form and measurement to slide into your pockets, the letterpress design, and carefully positioned typography make it a have to on this list.

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22. Nili Studios

Nili Studios: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

A different addition from the blokes at Print & Grain, this lovely-looking letterpress business card was once designed for creative agency Nili Studios. The nautical-influenced theme is flawlessly carried out with the chosen gentle blues as good as the waves and anchor brand.

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23. Stu Horvath

Stu Horvath: Creative LetterPress Business Cards

Dolce Press is a boutique print retailer and design studio placed on the Japanese finish of NY. Specializing in letterpress, the design studio creates one-of-a-sort prints.

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Thinking about the corporate world, we have planned to make an article on 23 Best Creative Letterpress Business Cards. All these cards are in huge trend these days. Enjoy !!

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